Renew the EX-IM Bank Charter


By Bill Yeargin
September 21, 2015

Congress is playing political games with the Export-Import (EX-IM) Bank, a U.S. government agency that supports U.S. businesses around the world and directly creates jobs in the USA. This summer Congress allowed the charter for the EX-IM bank to expire and it is already costing jobs in the U.S. Crazier... Read more »

Congress needs to take action on infrastructure

Bill Yeargin

By Bill Yeargin
July 6, 2015

For much of our nation’s history, infrastructure has provided the U.S. with a significant global advantage. But what was once our advantage is quickly becoming a vulnerability. Our company Correct Craft, like many in the boating industry, is uniquely American. A builder of multiple boat and engine... Read more »

Three simple guidelines to boost your image optimization


Bob McCann
May 19, 2015

As impressed as I am with Google and all they do, did you know search engines are blind? They are incapable of viewing images on websites. It’s in fact the website’s responsibility to name and describe exactly what an image is for the search engines to read. Without proper image optimization, search... Read more »

Connecting with the now consumer

Justin DiVilio

Justin DiVilio
April 24, 2015

A few weeks ago a video called "Toyota – Future Retail Environment" made its way to my inbox with the subject, “Good Watch.” My curiosity was piqued, so I hit play. The “Now Consumer” was the main focus of this short video, and while it may have been made for the car industry, it absolutely... Read more »

When politicians pick winners and losers

Lou Sandoval

Lou Sandoval
March 30, 2015

Editor's note: Chicago mayoral candidate Chuy Garcia recently proposed expanding the sales tax on "luxury" items in the city, including boats. Chicago boat dealer Lou Sandoval responds to that proposal. As someone who was raised on the Southside by working class parents, I never imagined I would be where... Read more »

Ensure your website is mobile-ready with this handy checklist


Bob McCann
October 15, 2014

Mobile browsing has officially eclipsed desktop browsing. According to a recent comScore report, smartphones and tablets combined now account for 60 percent of all online traffic up from 50 percent a year ago. This doesn’t mean you don’t need to stay after your full site, because the other half is... Read more »

How to get (really) good at business communications


By John Graham
September 30, 2014

It’s easy to roll your eyes and moan about the state of business communications. Everything from incomplete, inaccurate and confusing emails and memos to meeting minutes and reports that don’t make sense. Ineffective business letters, most of which are peppered with the first person singular pronoun,... Read more »

Profits through my eyes


By Jennifer Robison, National Retail Specialist - Tucker Rocky Distributing
June 26, 2014

It’s been too long since my last blog for Boating Industry. I can easily say I have been slammed with work and projects with retailers. Retailers that are on the gas are keeping me busy using my eyes and designs to create a new kind of in store experience. I love it; they love it, and wow, the industry... Read more »

Barriers to entry


By Mark Mooney
June 24, 2014

“Embrace the fundamentals like the closest of friends, for they will be the foundation of your future success.” — Chris Murray It’s not an easy task to open a new dealership, buy an existing dealership, or to operate a dealership, for that matter. The costs associated with along with OEM requirements... Read more »

Don’t make ‘all I want to do is sell’ your mantra


By John Graham
May 19, 2014

It was an early morning meeting chaired by the SVP. There wasn’t any reason to anticipate fireworks this particular day so the atmosphere was, to say the least, rather relaxed. A sales manager was the last to arrive, whispering to the person next to him as he sat down, “All I want to do is sell.” The... Read more »

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