U.S. boat sales heating up


By Tom Kaiser
April 22, 2014

As the weather warms and dealerships head into the busy season, powerboat sales have increased to just below 10 percent year-over-year sales growth. According to the latest data from Info-Link Technologies, powerboats larger than 15 feet are continuing sales gains that have held relatively steady since... Read more »

Friday Economic Snapshot: Looking Healthy


By Tom Kaiser
April 18, 2014

All things considered, the American economy is looking healthier than it has since the beginning of the Great Recession. While the stock market has shown increased volatility and some economists are predicting a market correction, key economic indicators show economic activity is increasing, manufacturing... Read more »

Benefits of offering clear coating


By William Rice of Vivilon Coatings
April 18, 2014

Using no new equipment or people and an easily applied clear coating rejuvenation system, you can restore “like new” color and shine to your boating customers while making a nice profit in the process. Because every boat owner wants their watercraft to look as clean & shiny as the first... Read more »

Marketing Corner: Which social media offer best engagement?


By Jonathan Sweet
April 15, 2014

So you’ve got 5,000 Facebook fans or 3,000 Twitter followers – good job. But how much do those likes, followers and plus-ones matter? Without engagement, not much. A new study from Shareaholic might help us determine which networks drive the most engagement. According to their analysis, it’s YouTube,... Read more »

Friday Economic Snapshot: Glowing optimism


By Tom Kaiser
April 11, 2014

Maybe it’s just here in Minneapolis, but the sun is out, the barren ground is about to turn bright green and it’s clear the seasons have shifted. Seemingly in kind, this week’s economic data is almost exclusively positive. A glowing report from notably bearish Goldman Sachs chief economic Jan Hatzius,... Read more »

Malibu’s next act

Malibu CEO Jack Springer introducing the Axis Wake T22

April 9, 2014

An exclusive interview with Malibu CEO Jack Springer about taking the company public, launching a new boat brand and the company’s next phase By Tom Kaiser Malibu Boats, the builder of the Malibu and Axis Wake inboard sport boats, recently went public and began trading on the NASDAQ at a price of $14... Read more »

Lessons from other Industries: Boost email marketing with a webinar


By Nicholas Upton
April 8, 2014

Marketing is a complex part of any business, and email marketing is even more complex. According to the inbound marketing firm Hubspot, email list sizes degrade an average of 25 percent each year as people unsubscribe, change emails or just get bored and send you to the spam folder.  So businesses need... Read more »

Friday Economic Snapshot: Back on track


By Tom Kaiser
April 4, 2014

Earthquakes have been rattling the West Coast, talk of the missing jetliner has been replaced by another high-profile shooting, General Motors is in crisis, the Supreme Court further loosened campaign finance requirements and the stock market is at a record high —America is officially back on track. In... Read more »

Q&A with Roy W. Olivier, president & CEO, ARI


By Jonathan Sweet
April 4, 2014

From websites to social media to online reputation management, digital marketing is rapidly evolving. With its recent acquisitions and product releases, ARI is increasing its investment in those areas. To read the full Q&A with Olivier, be sure to check out the May issue of Boating Industry. Boating... Read more »

Nine exciting products for fishermen


By Nicholas Upton
April 1, 2014

The lakes are thawing, and all those anglers are eager to get on the water. But they’re ready to spend some money before they do. I took a trip to the packed Northwest Sportshow last weekend, and asked dealers and distributors about the new trends and the popular mainstays that dealers in fishing... Read more »

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