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2014 Editors’ Choice: Vallely Sport & Marine

Jonathan Sweet, Editor in Chief
November 25, 2014

Vallely Sport & Marine  Bismarck, N.D.   Located smack dab in the middle of North Dakota’s oil boom has meant plenty of new business for Vallely Sport & Marine, but it also presents its fair share of challenges. With percentage growth in the double digits the last two years, the company’s... Read more »

2014 Editors’ Choice: Paris Marine

Brianna Liestman, Managing Editor
November 25, 2014

Paris Marine Selwyn, Ontario   Whether it’s the employees or the customer, at Paris Marine it’s all about the people. Paris Marine’s vision for its business is one of consistent growth and grooming of its long-term operations. The best way to achieve this, the management team believes, is... Read more »

2014 Editors’ Choice: Lynnhaven Marine

Nicholas Upton, Associate Editor
November 25, 2014

Lynnhaven Marine Virginia Beach, Va.   I had the opportunity to speak with Chuck at Lynnhaven Marine about his unique training days this year, but Guthrie’s novel approach to team building and marketing is just one of the many things he and his team does right. Looking at the numbers, Lynnhaven... Read more »

2014 Best in Class: Best Marketing


Kelsey Houle
November 25, 2014

2014 Best Marketing:  MarineMax, Inc.  Clearwater, Fla.   2013 marked the first full year for the in-house marketing team at MarineMax and the team has certainly made an impact. The marketing team has improved MarineMax’s digital portfolio and constantly researches new initiatives to reach... Read more »

2014 Editors’ Choice: Kelly’s Port

Liz Keener, Senior Editor
November 25, 2014

Kelly’s Port Lake of the Ozarks, Mo.    From the minute someone becomes a prospect, buys a boat, schedules a service appointment, stores a boat or even buys gas from Kelly’s Port, that person becomes a part of the “Kelly Family.” And from that moment, the entire staff at the Lake of the... Read more »

Success secrets of the Top 100


Boating Industry staff
November 10, 2014

For 10 years, the Boating Industry Top 100 has recognized the best boat dealers in North America. From recession to recovery, the industry looks very different than it did a decade ago. Over the years, the Top 100 has changed as well, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the drive dealers have to be... Read more »

2014 Boating Industry Movers & Shakers

MoversShakers lead-610x300

Jonathan Sweet, Editor in Chief
September 30, 2014

As the industry continues its recovery in 2014, it’s clear that a spirit of innovation has taken hold for many companies. The Movers & Shakers awards are all about recognizing those innovators, those companies and leaders that have embraced change and adapted to today’s radically different boating... Read more »

Boating Industry’s 2014 Bold Moves

BoldMoves lead-610x300

Jonathan Sweet
September 30, 2014

Boating Industry’s 2014 Bold Moves With a record number of nominations for the Movers & Shakers awards this year, there were many great individuals and companies we weren’t able to recognize as one of our finalists for Mover & Shaker of the Year. Once again, the team at Boating Industry... Read more »

Wakes still driving towed watersports


Nicholas Upton, Associate Editor
September 30, 2014

The summer of 2014 has given the industry a great look at the state of watersports. Despite the long, rainy spring, the weather was good enough to get a real taste of what the watersports segment was doing. According to the Sports & Fitness Industry Association participation reports from 2013, the... Read more »

The magic and myth of the nouveau media


Jim Ackerman, Contributing Writer
September 30, 2014

Digital marketing is important, but don’t ignore the traditional In the last couple of months, the latest reports to come out about the effectiveness of the digital media, and social media in particular, confirm a belief that I’ve held since the advent of those media, and that I have written about... Read more »

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