Economic Snapshot: GDP grows in the second quarter

Hand Money

By Brianna Liestman
August 28, 2014

After extreme weather conditions brought about disappointing numbers in the first quarter, gross domestic product is seeing significant improvements. GDP grew 4.2 percent in the second quarter, a much stronger rebound than expected from last quarter’s 2.1 percent decrease. Last year, GDP in the second... Read more »

RBLC affordability subcommittee focused on pre-owned market


By Nicholas Upton
August 28, 2014

Let’s not sugarcoat it, boating is expensive. Between the boat, storage, gas, all the accessories and maintenance, it’s not a cheap lifestyle. That said, just about every enthusiast lifestyle is expensive. Motorcyclists constantly pour money into their two-wheeled passions, car fanatics don’t bat... Read more »

Boost your parts and service profits


By Brad Smith
August 26, 2014

The new unit sale is just the beginning of your relationship with a customer, and my session at MDCE will show you how you can use online and in-store parts lookup to increase the efficiency and profitability of your parts and service departments. In this post, I’ll give you a small taste of what I’ll... Read more »

It takes the right tactics to improve sales performance


By John Graham
August 21, 2014

In Lee Child’s Without Fail, a Secret Service official simplifies a disturbing problem. “If the Yankees come to town saying they’re going to beat the Orioles, does that mean it’s true?” And then he adds, “Boasting about it is not the same thing as actually doing it.” It’s the same with... Read more »

Economic Snapshot: Recent housing market trends beg cautious optimism


By Brianna Liestman
August 21, 2014

We are seeing some positive numbers in the housing market this past month. Growth is present in the Housing Market Index, Housing Starts and Existing Home Sales, continuing an upward trajectory from earlier months in 2014. While existing home sales are still 4.3 percent below year-over-year, this consistent upward... Read more »

Large dealer turnout for Smoker Craft dealer meeting


By Craig Ritchie
August 19, 2014

More than 350 industry stakeholders representing 180 dealerships from around the world gathered in New Paris, Indiana, this month for Smoker Craft, Inc.’s annual dealer meeting, as the parent manufacturer of the Starcraft, Smoker Craft, Sylvan, SunChaser and Starweld boat brands celebrated the introduction... Read more »

Economic Snapshot: Deficit thins, job openings at 13-year high

help wanted sign

By Brianna Liestman
August 14, 2014

As the U.S. budget deficit continues to decrease, we are also seeing strength return to the labor market with record-breaking job openings this month. Deficit narrows, revenue rises  The U.S. budget deficit is running 24 percent narrower than last year, at $460.5 billion compared to $697.4 billion during... Read more »

ChooseBoating brings the magic of boating to children


By Brianna Liestman
August 13, 2014

The sound of the waves crashing against the hull. The wind in your hair and the mist in your face. Your parent or sibling nestled beside you. These are the pleasant senses that come to mind when remembering your earliest boat rides. For families who do not have regular boat access, one organization is... Read more »

Premier Pontoons updates with new styling, creature comforts for 2015

A look at the new chocolate panels on the Grand Entertainer.

By Nicholas Upton
August 12, 2014

Pontoons are all about the creature comforts. The model doesn’t matter a whole lot as long as everyone aboard is having a good time. To than end, Premier Pontoons opted not to introduce a new model for 2015 and focus on style and comfort. Boating Industry got a chance to look at the new updates for... Read more »

Nautique Cares creates a culture of community engagement

Nautique Cares El Salvador

By Brianna Liestman
August 7, 2014

If it is true that we make a living by what we get and a life by what we give, Nautique and its employees are building much more than boats. Nautique employees recently traveled to El Salvador for a service trip as a part of the Nautique Cares initiative. Two four-day trips of 22 and 20 employees respectively... Read more »

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