Manheim Specialty Auctions

Peter Trench

Peter Trench

Manheim is the world’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services. In 2012, it handled nearly 8 million used vehicles and facilitated transactions worth more than $50 billion in value. This nearly 68-year-old company built its global reputation in the automobile industry, but in recent years, it’s made big strides in the marine marketplace, too.

“We understand that marine dealers have different needs than car dealers, so we established a dedicated vehicle segment for them,” said Peter Trench, VP National Accounts, Manheim.  “Manheim Specialty offers marine dealers the opportunity to buy pre-owned inventory in-lane at auction sites around the country or online through our user-friendly website. Our services enable dealers to source a specific boat, to stock up for the selling season, or to liquidate aged inventory.”

Marine dealers who take advantage of Manheim buying and selling channels are also guaranteed access to a critical mass of buyers and sellers. For in-lane users, Manheim dedicates 20 of its 69 auction locations in North America to its Specialty vehicle segment, and nine of those are heavily focused on marine, with a large quantity of high-quality pre-owned boats up to 40 feet for sale each month.

“More than ever, dealers see the value of auctions for both buying and selling inventory,” said Trench. “The pre-owned boat business is seeing profitable growth and dealers are turning to Manheim to help them grow their business.”

Dealers have also learned that Manheim makes the wholesale vehicle auction process straightforward. In fact, its services are designed to make it easy for newcomers to be comfortable with this type of business transaction from the get-go. For instance, ManheimSpecialtyAuctions.com, the Specialty Web site includes auction handbooks with video tutorials that walk dealers through the process step by step, and help to answer frequently asked questions. “We want to ease any anxiety a new participant may have, and to help him maximize his time at auction,” said Trench. “This reference guide helps dealers find desired units, effectively buy and sell, and better utilize operation location services.”

Another popular on-line tool is the PowerSearch feature. With it, dealers can quickly locate the inventory they need, and then assess their values before bidding or buying online. “Our goal is to improve the dealer experience,” said Trench. “The more dealers know the better off they’ll be. We always put the dealer first.”

While Manheim built its reputation with on-site auctions, today, online access represents significant growth for the company’s Specialty vehicle segment. “Last year, over 40 percent of Manheim Specialty boat sales were to an online buyer, and the market indicates that online sales will only continue to grow,” said Trench. Because more customers are researching and attending auctions over the Web, Manheim has strengthened its commitment to provide a diverse and forward-thinking set of online tools. Among them is Manheim Simulcast, which lets dealers who can’t make it to an auction location feel as if they’re in the lanes via real-time audio and video. Combined with Manheim Specialty’s transport options, it gives dealers access to inventory located from coast to coast.

Online Vehicle Exchange (OVE.com) is another key service, particularly for those in the market for larger boats that are not typically available at physical sites because they’re difficult or expensive to transport. With OVE, buyers and sellers can conduct business 24/7. It gives sellers the opportunity to remarket units faster from their own location. In addition, it offers buyers the ability to see, compare and purchase units in a “buy now” environment. “It’s a very powerful tool because we market to every dealer in the universe and, just as critical, it’s always open,” said Trench.

These are just a few of the competitive services available through Manheim, which is a subsidiary of Cox Enterprises, a leading communications, media and automotive services company. The company also offers full-service reconditioning, electronic condition reports, certification, inspections and financing. Its customer service support, both onsite and online, is also top-notch. “We know that’s important to dealers,” said Trench “as it will help them save time and keep their bottom line strong.”

For more information, as well as complete list of Manheim Specialty auction locations, go to www.manheimspecialtyauctions.com.