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Economic Snapshot: Consumer confidence reaches pre-recession levels, modest increases in home sales

July’s consumer confidence index reached pre-recession levels but it would appear October’s reading has surpassed those numbers.... 
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Weekly 5: EPA sued again over Renewable Fuel Standard

The BI Weekly 5 is a collection of tips, news and data affecting the boating industry this week. Be sure to look for the BI Weekly 5 every Tuesday on BoatingIndustry.com. 1. EPA... 
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Jonathan Sweet, Editor In Chief

There’s no such thing as bad publicity … except when there is

There’s a school of thought that says any publicity is good publicity. That’s the kind of thinking that can backfire,... 
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Where the rubber meets the road

It happens to all of us. You’re sitting at your desk. Your to-do list is like a wave towering over you, getting bigger with each passing moment. And on your desk is a notebook... read story

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2014 Boating Industry Movers & Shakers

As the industry continues its recovery in 2014, it’s clear that a spirit of innovation has taken hold for many companies. The Movers & Shakers awards are all about recognizing... read story

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